PMI Audio


PMI Audio
“Once again, PMI Audio UK is proud to be associated with both James and The Gus Dudgeon Foundation. “The simple fact is, if we do not pass on the skills and experience we have learned back into our industry, then there is no opportunity for students to learn the craft”, said Alan Hyatt, President of PMI Audio. “What JAMES and The Gus Dudgeon Foundation do by affording those students the opportunity to learn is what will keep our industry alive.”

“Recording methods and music delivery have changed drastically, and it is imperative both old and new technology coexist with new ways to make and deliver the music. What could be better than exposing the students to the 50 year history of Trident Audio Developments, a UK company that changed the way music was made. PMI Audio is proud to own and continue the exposure of Trident Audio, along with our other brands, which include Tonelux, Toft Audio, Valley People, Joemeek and Studio Projects.”

Equipment donated for use during the 2014 summer course:

Trident 80B Channelstrip

A selection of studio project microphones

A rack of Tonelux 500 modules


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