Chris Hook writes…

When we lost Gus Dudgeon and his amazing talents in 2002, I felt something should be done to preserve his heritage and remind the music industry of his importance. Apart from his charm and charisma, his great talent was production, and his ability to work with artists of various genres gave the world some of the greatest musical productions it has ever heard.

Thanks to a number of people, including his sound engineer, Stuart Epps, and his friend and fellow producer, Adam Francis, Gus’s vintage MCI console was preserved and still in fine working order, which led to the suggestion that we create a studio and training course for young engineers which would give them an insight into the traditional music recording processes of which Gus was a master. Together with a few of Gus’s industry friends, we set about founding a charity in his name – the Gus Dudgeon Foundation for Recording Arts – and Sir Elton John kindly agreed to be a patron.

However, the road to creating a worthwhile charitable operation was paved with difficulties and, after several false starts due to unavailable premises, institutions changing their minds, etc., the University of Glamorgan (now the University of South Wales) stepped in and bought the MCI console and created a space for it, which they called the Gus Dudgeon Suite, in their new arts facility in Cardiff, the ATRiuM. The opening of the studio in 2010, led by music producer and guest lecturer Katia Isakoff, was very well attended by top music artists, industry professionals and members of the APRS and MPG. One of Gus’s closest friends, Joan Armatrading, performed the opening ceremony, and Sir Elton John gave a heartfelt speech.

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