2016 Participants

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Andrew Dodds

Andrew is a 4th year Creative Sound Production student at Abertay University. He has been designing sound effects and scoring and producing music for games and film for the last two years. He has taken part in Dare Protoplay, an international gaming expo, showcasing his game AMPS, and is currently working on Elk, which will feature at this year’s Dare To Be Digital.

He has also worked freelance in the broadcast industry, including production support for Scottish Television’s live debates for the Scottish Independence Referendum and the General Election, as well as awards ceremonies for STV and comedy shows for the BBC.

Kenny McAlpine – Senior Lecturer and Programme Tutor – website

Andrew is a motivated and thoughtful student, who has a broad range of skills and interests. He has consistently pushed himself to expand his technical skillset and to understand how these can be applied across a range of media contexts, but particularly in film and video games. I think he would throw himself into the Gus Dudgeon residency and would benefit from it enormously.

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Jacob (Jake) Kibble

I am an enthusiastic sound engineer who started out studying the natural sciences. I found my way into music technology after discovering a love for both the art and technical side of music. The Audio and Music technology course at Anglia Ruskin university provided an ideal environment to develop and explore a wide range of technical and creative skills. The combined knowledge of electronics, and skills in audio engineering, has allowed me to take on work in live sound engineering and audio electronic repairs.

John Ward – Deputy Head of Dept, Course Leader – website

Jacob (Jake) has worked very hard throughout his time here and academically is the top student in his year. He has shown ability in sound engineering and audio electronics in particular and has achieved some outstanding grades.


Anthony Sotelo

I am a Bsc Audio and Recording Technology graduate from De Montfort University, with experience in music production and mastering, as well as live sound engineering. Outside of academic practice I am a dedicated musician and have been writing and performing music with a band for almost three years. I plan to record and tour in Europe with the group in the upcoming months, and look to pursue things such as a record deal in the future.

John Paul Braddock – Lecturer in Music and Audio Technology – website

Anthony has evidenced over the three years of his course a high degree of enthusiasm for the recording process and music producing. In his final year this has focused his dissertation around an in-depth study and subjective / critical analysis of microphone type and uses in practice. Alongside his development in theoretic use of tools and processes in the mastering realm has seen him become a well informed and critical engineer. With an ear for achieving a positive source recording understanding the outcomes I feel he’d benefit greatly from the summer course in all aspects. Alongside his practical and technical skill he’s well-mannered and humored individual able to engage easily with his peers.

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Laura Birkin

I recently completed a BSc in Psychology and Music Production achieving First-Class honours; studying two subjects was challenging, but rewarding, and I now focus the majority of my time to audio recording with my main passion being recording engineering within the studios at university as well as my own setup. Over the course of the last couple of years I have assisted local freelance engineers in Derby as well as offer assistance to current students and at my previous sixth form in using the recording studios and also produce for local musicians in both Derby and Leamington Spa. I also have offered my skills, support and advice to colleagues on the current undergraduate and master’s program in the studios and in post-production. During my time at university I contributed an instrumental piece towards the GASP (Guitars with Ambisonic Spatial Production) project; something in which I am still very interested in and hope to offer more to this project in the near future.

I based my final year research project on a recording techniques-based topic (Objective and Subjective Approaches to the Analysis of Stereophonic Microphone Techniques for Drum Rooms) which involved testing and analysing a variety of different microphone techniques.

I have recently been accepted onto the MSc Audio Engineering course at Derby in September as I aim to further my technical knowledge of the equipment behind the studios as well as build my own compressor; I have also started to build guitar pedals in my spare time.

I did a short placement at ROFL Audio Recording Studios in Nottingham last summer, assisting a recording engineer, and thoroughly enjoyed working with a range of clients. This gave me useful experience with working with clients in a professional setting, preparing me well for my third year of university and working with other individuals more regularly. I feel this opportunity would be astounding real-world experience as well as making useful connections.

Ultimately, by being given the opportunity to attend this summer school and to work with the legendary producer/engineer, Ken Scott, as well as other keen individuals, I will bring my passion and knowledge developed so far in a professional manner and be proud to represent the University of Derby.

John Crossley – Programme Leader Music Technology Production – website

Laura has proven to be an excellent student. She consistently achieves 70+% in her assessments. She has produced excellent work in the studios and is always volunteering to assist on sessions both here at the university and externally, over the course of the last couple of years she has assisted local freelance engineers in Derby as well as offered assistance to current students at her previous sixth form using the recording studios and also produce for local musicians in both Derby and Leamington Spa. Laura is always ready to offer support and advice to her colleagues at the University.

This year Laura also contributed an instrumental piece towards the GASP (Guitars with Ambisonic Spatial Production) project; She based her final year research project on a recording techniques-based topic (Objective and Subjective Approaches to the Analysis of Stereophonic Microphone Techniques for Drum Rooms)

I am positive she would be a valuable part of the team and would gain a tremendous amount from the experience.


Nadia Coppelman

I have been passionate about music from a young age: I play piano (grade 8), violin, drums and bass, and have A levels in music, music technology and psychology.  I pursued my interest in music technology through the BSc in Audio Recording and Production at the University of Hertfordshire and I am awaiting my final grade. I have been involved in many music events both as a performer and sound engineer.  At University I have been the paid intern for the Music Manager and arranged the regular band nights.  I work as a proctor in the University recording studios and provide sound engineering assistance at the monthly Discovery events in central London.  For my final major project I produced, recorded, mixed and mastered an EP for a singer songwriter.

Alex Baxter – Programme Leader for Music Technology – website

Nadia has been a consistently excellent student throughout her degree. She has never missed a lecture, always puts in 100% and will graduate this year with a very well deserved 1st class honours degree. In addition to her studies, this year she also acted as the crew chief to our monthly concert events, supporting second years with their live sound delivery.


Conor Mulcahy

I have always had a passion for and been brought up around music. I played guitar and dabbled in and out of piano from a young age but didn’t find an interest in music production until I left school at sixteen. After recording friend’s though summer and after exams I knew that it was an area I felt comfortable in learning and picked up certain things pretty quick. I attended West Herts College and studied music tech for two years before joining the University Of Huddersfield for further education in the subject, and plan to finish my degree and return home with a 2:1. Ideally in the future I would love to have a studio job as an engineer or work as part of a production company or record label and will continue to pursue my dreams of becoming a reputable mix engineer.

Austin Moore – Senior Lecturer and Course Leader – website

Conor is a very keen and enthusiastic student who is passionate about music production. He is consistently a hard worker and has a good personality for teamwork.


Paul Brown

2003 -2008: Drummer for ‘The Blueskins’ – signed to Domino records, EMI publishing. Record releases/ film/TV syncs/UK, Europe & USA tours.

2008-2010: Drummer for ‘The Bazaars’, self-funded independent album release.

2013 – present: Degree level study in Music Production BA Hons. at Leeds Beckett University.

Self-producing recordings as ‘Sons of Great Men’, sync deal with Bravebird Music, Texas.

Dr. Steve Parker – Principle Lecturer – website

Paul’s passion for the recording studio over the last three years has been evident for all to see. He is a committed student whose high standards and ability to network with his cohort has added to his popularity with both staff and students. He has a pro-active work ethic and has engaged with many of the extra curricula activities that his course has provided. His commitment to his study and the work he has done with many aspiring artists is testament to his love of music. This makes him an excellent candidate for the GDF week.


Jack Martin

I am finishing up my final year at the university of Lincoln where I study Audio Production. I have been studying music production for 5 years in total and have worked with a number of artists and bands, recording, producing and mixing their work. I have a keen interest in working with artists as a producer and recording engineer to get the best out of them and further work as musicians. I am looking to pursue a career in the music industry, ideally looking to work as a producer alongside bands or as a recording/mix engineer.

David McSherry – Senior Lecturer – website

Throughout his 3 of years study on our BA (Hons) Audio Production programme, Jack has demonstrated his passion and enthusiasm for music production – particularly capturing the energy and vibe of a band’s performance in the recording studio. Jack has always used his initiative to source bands and professionally liaise with them to produce a wide range of recordings – from Jazz to rock to pop. He has certainly kept our recording studio busy!

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Anders Johnsen

Anders Johnsen is a Norwegian audio engineer and producer based in Liverpool, UK. Anders graduated from the Sound Technology course at Trøndertun FHS, Norway in 2013 and will graduate from LIPA in July 2016.

In this four year period Anders has worked with and assisted on productions for a wide variety of bands and projects. Among these are Louis Berry, The Cold Explodes, Little Triggers, VOWELS, Rio, Ben Pavely, I SEE RIVERS and many more.

Jon Thornton – Head of Sound Technology – website

During his time at LIPA Anders has shown a keen and developing interest in recording and producing music. He has involved himself with a wide range of projects, both within the institution and in the city more generally, and has gained useful experience assisting in two of Liverpool’s biggest commercial studios.


Matthew Billington

Matt Billington is a singer, songwriter, composer and music producer from Blackpool, Lancashire.  Over the last ten years Matt has been heavily involved in his local music scene as lead singer of popular rock bands The Wheeljacks and The Silvertones, featured as a live guest on a number of radio stations including BBC Radio Lancashire, and has had his compositions featured on XFM Manchester.

Due to graduate from the University of Central Lancashire this year with an honours degree in Music Production, Matt now works closely with Blackpool based recording studio Rock Hard Music Group.  He is officially certified in the use of Avid Pro Tools, holds live recording studio experience, and is a composer, performer and songwriter.

Paul Greene – Principal Lecturer, Performing Arts – website

Matt has taken every opportunity offered to him in his time on the Music Production course here at Uclan. He has prioritized personal development through experimentation and hard work, he is also an active songwriter, producer and engineer outside of the University and this has helped him develop his all round subject knowledge and experience. Matt is an excellent communicator and we’re sure he will be a great participant in the Summer School, he is very much looking forward to the opportunity.

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David Jones

I have spent the last three years studying Sound Technology at the University of South Wales. I have a deep interest in recording, mixing and mastering and I am currently starting up my own audio and video production company to allow me to continue to do what I love. Over the last three years I have gained experience with multiple recording desks, worked with many bands and artists and had the opportunity to develop my mixing and mastering skills. Since a young age I have been involved in music production and it has been a common theme throughout all my years in education. The reason I enjoy audio engineering so much is because I am constantly able to develop my skills and there is always so much more to learn.

Andrew Gwilliam – Senior Lecturer – website

David has shown a great commitment to his studies and his ambition to become a recording engineer and producer. He has also acted as class representative for the three years of his study.