Phil Harding  produces The Thieving Beggars


From 10th to 16th July 2011, JAMES and the Gus Dudgeon Foundation for Recording Arts held an advanced music production experience course for seven selected top music technology students in the Gus Dudgeon Suite at the University of Glamorgan.

The course’s executive producer Phil Harding commented, “It was a great honour for me to lead this course in its inaugural year. With the seven post graduate students from various JAMES accredited courses around the UK, we spent a fantastic week recording two songs with Cardiff band ‘The Thieving Beggars’. Thanks goes out to Dan Turner, who on behalf of Glamorgan University engineered the sessions and kept the MCI desk massaged and working tremendously for the whole week.”

The students’ reaction was equally enthusiastic, “Great to see a complete recording set-up for a seven piece band across a whole week. It was good to have the luxury of spending time experimenting on getting sounds and testing out a series of microphones on the vocalists. It was excellent to learn about studio etiquette and how much that really matters to the flow of a session. It was also good to see and learn studio banter between the control room and recording area and also between the whole group involved in the sessions.”

Jim Barrett, principle lecturer summed up, “I knew Gus Dudgeon through the Music Producers Guild where he was held in great respect for his contribution to the art of record production. It is a great privilege to run this course both in his memory and to pass on the art he developed. Taking the top students from JAMES accredited university awards Phil Harding was able to take them through a whole production process that opened their eyes to the way he works with a band, to recording techniques like the achievement of recording separation with screens in a large live space, to string arranging and recording, and to open their ears to the magic sound of Gus’s own MCI desk. This will be a week to remember for them and the first a many memorable weeks for us.”


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