David Kuratsu, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge
“David has been the outstanding student in his year throughout his degree. He is highly enthusiastic about all things audio and has developed excellent sound engineering skills in his time here at Anglia Ruskin. He is never afraid to experiment and has successfully carried out a number of really challenging recording assignments. He sets himself extremely high standards in all aspects of his work. and thoroughly deserves this great opportunity.” – Course Leader, John Ward.

Ifan Jones, University of Glamorgan’s Cardiff School of Creative and Cultural Industries
“He has shown consistent improvement during the course which has resulted in him achieving this 1st class honours and produced some excellent work in recording engineering, Sound for Film & Television, Project studio production and advanced sound synthesis. He is a modest individual and it has been good to watch his confidence grow and him mature into a responsible and excellent student, well respected by staff and peers alike.” – Course Leader, Gwilliam Jones.

Bartosz Piekarski, Buckinghamshire New University, High Wycombe
“Over the three years of his degree he has always managed to find interesting and unique projects to record. His final piece of work was an Irish folk singer with whom he managed to produce a very commercial sound. Combining his practical skills, thirst for gaining knowledge and the experience that this course offers will help him decide which path in ‘audio’ he will take in the future.”

Nick Violet, Northbrook College, Worthing
“Recommended for his consistently high standard of work. Nick has been with us for five years and demonstrated insight and independence every stage of the way. It is predicted he will graduate this year with a first class honours degree.” – Course Leader, Paul King.

Dijon Wall, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds
“Dijon has worked tirelessly throughout his degree to improve on all aspects of his recording practice. He has worked as part of a team to record a jazz quartet and produced a well-balanced and representative individual mix meeting the client’s expectations and requirements.” – Course Leader, Steve Parker.

Ross Watson, University of Abertay, Dundee
Ross Watson has managed to pursue his academic studies at the same time as engaging in his passion for Electronic Dance Music (EDM). He has combined both elements for his Honours year project, investigating the history and evolution of EDM. Ross always approached this with an enthusiasm that was infectious and a commitment that was admirable. He will certainly enjoy the opportunity to further his skills and experience.” – Course Leader, Peter O’Hare

Adib Mehrabi, University of West England, Bristol
“I would like to nominate Adib Mehrabi for the summer course. He is showing excellent promise as a sound mixer and is also looking at a possible career in academia so he is ideal!” – Course Leader, Stephen Allan.

Jonathan Sagis, LIPA, Liverpool
“Jonathan is from Israel, is also the graduating Sennheiser Scholar this year, and has consistently performed at or near the top of his class in the area of music production / engineering.” – Course Leader, Jon Thornton.

John Campbell, Coventry University, Coventry
“John Campbell was chosen from the cohort at Coventry University for two reasons. Firstly, he has shown consistent and high quality achievement in modules related to recording and production. Secondly, he has demonstrated a high level of motivation towards being part of the Gus Dudgeon Summer School in order to develop his future work either for postgraduate study or employment.” – Course Leader, Mark Thorley.


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