James Drake
Lincoln University – www.lincoln.ac.uk
“James Drake has been an outstanding student during his three years on our Audio Production degree course, always looking to hone his skills by throwing himself into new production projects with enthusiasm and sound judgement. For example, he worked alongside a local singer/songwriter, Faith, in the production of her EP – an impressive hip hop/indie hybrid inspired by the production approach of Paul Epworth. James immediately applied for this opportunity, because, in his own words: “I have a real passion for recording, producing and especially mixing music. The chance to work alongside a well known producer as well as recording string and brass sections would be amazing, and an invaluable experience to me.”

Phil Stuttard
Leeds Metropolitan University – www.leedsmet.ac.uk
“Phil has been a committed and dedicated student throughout his time at Leedsmet. His passion for his craft is evidenced by the manner in which he has engaged in all aspects of his course over the last three years. Through his work in the live sound area at the Leeds summer festivals and his recent work with Kay Mellor on the ‘The Syndicate’ drama series for the BBC, Phil has embraced it all and was the obvious choice for the GDF week. We know that our University will be well represented by Phil, as he understands the importance of working as a team and representing our courses.”

Donovan Jones
Anglia Ruskin University – www.anglia.ac.uk
“Don has been the outstanding student in his year throughout his degree. He is a very capable musician and highly enthusiastic about all things audio. He has developed excellent sound engineering skills in his time here at Anglia Ruskin. He is never afraid to experiment and has successfully carried out a number of really challenging recording assignments. He sets himself extremely high standards in all aspects of his work. He thoroughly deserves this great opportunity.”

Tim Edwards
Buckinghamshire New University – bucks.ac.uk
“Tim has developed his skills as a producer amazingly over the three years, he has a great ear for finding interesting artists and skills to produce them well. He has also excelled in his written research in the field and has backed up all his production talent.”

Jack Cheetham
University of Central Lancashire – www.uclan.ac.uk
“Jack joined our course with an interest in the area of ‘in the box’ dance music and over the three years at Uclan he has been fully engaged in developing his skills and knowledge into other areas of music production. His engagement with the curriculum and the lecturer staff has been excellent in developing his practice, as has his determination to engage with the important theoretical and contextual areas of the course. Most significantly Jack’s skills development in the areas of recording and composition have been particularly strong, he has constantly achieved highly in his time with us and we’d like to nominate Jack for the GDF Summer School.”

Pavol Hanko
Abertay University – www.abertay.ac.uk
“Pavol has a great interest in all aspects of audio from the performance right up to how the music is delivered. Indeed his final year project focused on digital delivery and the various file formats used, from mp3 to HD audio. This led him to produce various recordings from acoustic folk, rock to classical music in an effort to test his theories. Throughout his studies he has always approached each project with a professional manner and infectious enthusiasm. I’m sure he will continue to do this in the future.”

Phil Davidson
Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts – www.lipa.ac.uk
“Phil has demonstrated a consistent work ethic and approach to producing and recording music with a range of genres during his final tear. He won our award for ‘best studio tan’ by virtue of the number of studio hours he managed to clock up in the last year on his own work and working with others. He has a real aptitude for getting the best out of musicians, couple with good solid engineering and mixing skills.”

Adam James Laveaux
Swansea Metropolitan University – www.smu.ac.uk
“AJ is a hard-working and responsible student who has proved himself an excellent studio engineer. He is very intelligent and has the ability to make the right decisions in the studio. In his time with the Swansea School of Digital Media he has completed a wide range of recording projects – singer/songwriters, rock bands, big 10-piece funk/soul bands, popular and classical ensembles – working in a professional and mature manner with artists, fellow students, and academic staff alike to produce work of a very high standard. He has been a Student Rep. throughout his time at Swansea Met and has shown a flair for leadership and entrepreneurship.”

Darren Stratford
Bournemouth University – www.bournemouth.ac.uk
“Darren joined us for the final year of his degree from one our partner colleges. He has coped very well with the transition and is performing well in every aspect of the course. He has integrated well into the course, is a hard working student and is respected by his peers and staff.”

Stephen Pettigrew
University of the West of Scotland – www.uws.ac.uk
“Stephen has been one of our top students during his time with us, he has great technical ability and a discerning ear for music coupled with an excellent attitude and work ethic. Consistently one of our top performers!”

Shaun Lindsley
Coventry University – www.coventry.ac.uk
“Shaun was chosen because he demonstrated a strong interest and commitment to the Art of Recording throughout his degree. This commitment culminated in his final year project which focussed on the Recording Technology and Techniques of Modern Metal.”

Richard Tanner
University of South Wales – www.southwales.ac.uk
“Richard is due to graduate this July with 1st class honours. He has shown remarkable consistency in all aspect of the course and a willingness to learn and develop his own skillset as he has progressed through the degree. His recording portfolio showed a very good ear and some solid applied engineering skills. He has also developed as far as liasing and working with clients.”

Heather Wulff
University of the West of England – www.uwe.ac.uk
“Heather has been an excellent student who has written and recorded some really good music this year. She also has a good grip on the theory, for instance she is one of only two students who got full marks in the Soundfield question in the exam. She is also intending to make her living in music but has a very realistic approach to earning a living.”


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