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Jared Lucas

I’m Jared Lucas, aged 22, and I’ve just completed an Audio and Music Technology degree at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.  The course has completely exceeded my expectations, I’ve developed an interest in areas I’d never previously considered such as: acoustics, live sound engineering and radio production – thanks to the inspirational lecturers and societies at the University. My C.V. includes work at Cam FM as Head of Production, Cambridge Arts Theatre, the ADC theatre, and recording and mixing a Dr Who podcast. I’m so excited to be able to add the Gus Dudgeon Foundation course to my C.V. as I’m sure this will be a very interesting and rewarding experience, aiding my journey into a professional full-time career in audio.

John Ward – Course Leader – Audio and Music Technology  – www.anglia.ac.uk

Jared has been the outstanding student academically in his year throughout his time here at Anglia Ruskin.  His work in all areas is very thorough and he has achieved excellent marks throughout.  Jared is a very enterprising young man, having secured for himself a number of high profile assignments and jobs, including work for the BBC to do all the sound work on the online Dr Who “A Fine Time Lord” which was done to raise money for Children in Need, work at the local Cam FM radio station and sound work in some local theatres. Producers and directors who have worked with Jared have praised him for his engineering skills and all round professionalism.  I can only echo these comments – Jared has done a number of jobs for me in his time here, including being an excellent ambassador for both the course and university at Open Days and other public events. He thoroughly deserves this excellent opportunity to further his already considerable skills on this years GDF course.

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Asha Blatherwick

Asha has a strong interest in sound design and audio. She likes to create new and interesting ways of interacting with sound by using technology, and merging it with traditional music making. She returned to university, on the BSc(hons) Music and Audio Technology course, as a mature student to develop her technical skills, and carve out a career path in audio technology. Here she attained great grades, made friends, and developed a wealth of technical skills. These were reinforced by two placements and also work experience. Placements included working at a recording studio in America, and working in a sensory studio, located in a special educational needs school in Bath. She also worked her way up from technical assistant to production manager at the prominent club and gig venue, The Old Fire Station in Bournemouth, where she resides and studies.

Dr Tom Davis – Course Leader, BSc Music and Audio Technology – www.bournemouth.ac.uk

Throughout her time with us Asha Blatherwick has consistently performed well at all aspects of the course. She has approached her work with a professional dedication and enthusiasm and has completed an excellent final year project. Asha is invovled in all aspects of Music Technology: working for the Students’ Union as a production manager; working for the summer as a studio intern in the USA and undertaking a placement year as an interactive designer for students with special educational needs. I am very pleased to nominate Asha for the Gus Dudgeon Foundation Summer School.

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Adam Whalley

Adam has been an excellent student on the Audio Music Production BA(hons) at Bucks New University he has excelled in all areas of study working on location recordings for films, live work in different venues but most of all in the studio with his recording and mixing skills. While he has been studying he has also developed his career setting up a website for production and mixing and more recently being an in-house engineer for Team Rock Radio where he has engineered numerous sessions for artists such as Slash, Alter Bridge, Cheryl Crow, Joe Bonamassa, Jonny Lang, Black Star Riders, Glenn Hughes, Scott Stapp, Goo Goo Dolls, Skindred, The Temperance Movement, The Virginmarys, Marc Ford, Richie Sambora, Deaf Havana, Rival Sons, Karnivool, Kenny Wayne shepherd, the answer and Robert Cray this extra curricular activity is just the kind of pro active student that you know will do everything to make his career succeed.

Natanya Ford – Course Leader, BA (Hons) Audio and Music Production – bucks.ac.uk

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Charlie Middlicott

I’m a 22-year-old MA – Music Production Student from the West Midlands, I’m currently studying at the University Of Derby having completed a BSc (Hons) in Music Technology & Production there in May 2013.  I’ve been a keen musician for over a decade, playing Guitar, Bass, Drums and Piano, I started my path in engineering back when I was 14, Recording bands I was playing in at the time and other local bands in the area. It soon came apparent that the Music Industry was something I wanted to make a career out of.  I’ve been working with several bands in the Derbyshire / West Midlands area since starting an undergrad course in September 2010.  I’ve worked on the EP for Birmingham based band Mercians, along with Liverpudlians – Where We’re West.  I’ve also engineered two EP’s for Wakefield hardcore quartet – Above Ground and the slightly heavier Seall from my hometown of Evesham, Worcestershire.  I’ve worked on album demos for Burton based Follow You Home, having toured with them for two years as a Backline Technician & FOH Engineer,

The majority of the work I’ve done has been in the Rock/Metal arena but I’ve also engineered sessions with up and coming singer/songwriter Guy Challenger and local Derby Rap artists and in a bid to broaden my horizons.  Along with the engineering mentioned, whilst studying at the University of Derby I’ve taken on a Research Assistant post in which I work in a small team, producing, engineering and mixing multichannel guitar pieces for reproduction in Ambisonics.  As part of this role I’ll be contributing to a research paper & doing demonstrations at The Creative Technologies Research Groups – Sounds In Space Symposium in June – http://goo.gl/ydXfbN

I’m currently working on my bands first release Two Rats for Every Man, which should be completed towards the end of July.  Feel free to check out my work on – http://goo.gl/Gcwg1F or http://goo.gl/2mYSp2

John Crossley – Course Leader, Music Production MA – www.derby.ac.uk

I have chosen to nominate Charlie Middlicott for this opportunity as he has proved, both at undergraduate and now at post-graduate level to be an excellent student. He is extremely well motivated and is hungry to learn and improve his skills. He gets on well with his peers and is very considerate with any artists he is working. I think he will get a tremendous amount out of the experience.

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Robin Jones

My name is Robin Llwyd Jones and I’m from the village of Bethel in North West Wales. I have always had a big interest in music and have been a drummer in a popular Welsh band called Y Bandana for several years now, performing and producing on two albums in the process. From that, I became extremely excited by the studio environment and later decided that I wanted to pursue a career in the field. I was privileged to be accepted on to LIPA’s Sound Technology degree course where I got to further my skills of which have proven invaluable. After recently completing my degree, I have been gaining valuable experience as an assistant engineer on sessions in Parr Street, Liverpool with producers from the likes of Tony Platt and James Ford. My aspiration is to one day become as successful as these producers of which keep inspiring me with their works.

Jon Thornton – Course Leader, BA (Hons) Sound Technology – www.lipa.ac.uk
We nominated Robin because of his developing strengths not only in the technical aspects of recording, but also in the important area of interpersonal skills. A talented engineer and musician, Robin has brought his skills to bear on a number of local unsigned artist during his final year of study. The GDF / JAMES Summer Course is an ideal next step for honing these skills and developing contacts.

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Joel Blackburn

Over the past year I have worked on two major recording projects and I have been truly hooked on getting as much experience as I can from both bands and colleagues alike. I am delighted to have been selected for the GDF summer course, not only because I have been afforded the rare and valuable opportunity to learn directly from industry professionals, and gain a real understanding of the commercial world of recording, but also because it has given me the chance to spend a week with like-minded individuals who share a passion for all things audio.

Paul Thompson – Senior Lecturer – Music, Sound and Performance – www.leedsmet.ac.uk

Joel has consistently demonstrated a positive attitude towards both his written and practical studies in studio production throughout the year. Joel has also worked hard to develop both his technical skills and his ability to collaborate with musicians, engineers and producers in the studio evidenced in two successful recording projects’. – Paul Thompson, Senior Lecturer – Music, Sound and Performance.


John Kirby

John Kirby is a music producer, vocalist and session musician. John specialises in session drumming, drum installations and microphone captured sound.  He also works in youth participation and strives to pass on his talents to others with similar interests. John is very hard working and seeks excellent results in everything he does.

Paul Greene – Course Leader BA (Hons) Music Production – www.uclan.ac.uk

John has been an excellent student throughout his studies here at the University of Central Lancashire. His commitment to the Music Production course has been total and as a consequence his skills and knowledge have developed significantly. He is a very capable musician and his open, positive and enthusiastic nature makes him an excellent nominee for the JAMES/GDF Summer School.

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Zoe Vernon

I’ve always had a keen interest in music, having been a part of a young musicians programme from an early age.  This progressed over the years into a desire to learn more about the technical side of the audio industry and lead to taking BSc Sound Technology at the University of South Wales.  Since joining the university I have had the opportunity to use a wonderful range of gear and have been fortunate enough to work with numerous different bands, including Cardiff based We’re No Heroes, Recluse and a documentary for Saxon. Being in Cardiff has allowed me to work freelance to improve my skills and the SWN festival has been a key event each year.  Being nominated for the JAMES summer school is a real honour and after graduation I plan to continue working in a freelance capacity to keep learning anything and everything I can.

Andrew Gwilliam – Award Leader, BSc (Hons) Sound Technology – www.southwales.ac.uk

Zoe has been one of the most committed students I have ever taught. She has consistently looked to further her knowledge and experience. She has always taken on any challenge and has been keen to go the extra mile. This has been reflected not just in the grades she has consistently achieved but in her development in all aspects of the course. She has acted as a rep for the course and has always approached that with the same determination. She is conscientious, hard working and fastidious in her approach to all aspects of her work never settling for “that will do”.

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Mark Sinclair

Mark is a musician and producer specialising in electronic music production, he also has a wide range of recording and production experience.  Having completed an HND in Sound Production at Ayr College he went on to successfully complete his BA Commercial Sound Production at the University of the West of Scotland, achieving this with distinction.  A classically trained pianist, Mark has almost 20 years of music production experience. He been involved a great number of projects spanning many Genres.  Recent projects include a short stint at Smecky studios in Prague, assisting in the recording of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.  He is currently involved in a significant collaborative remix project.

Paul McGeechan – Programme Leader, Commercial Sound Production – www.uws.ac.uk

We have selected Mark for this experience due to his extremely dedicated and professional approach to all of his course work throughout the academic year.  He has worked to a consistently high standard, applying himself admirably to all elements of his work. The combination of his production talent and his exemplary work ethic make him one of our real stand-out students this year. Mark has just been awarded a BA Commercial Sound Production with distinction.


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